American Roulette Review & Experience

You will love Realtime Gaming American Roulette as it is distinguished by its unobtrusive sounds and simple layout. When you play at this table you will experience an authentic experience of sitting at a real Roulette table. New players will find it easy while experienced players know the rules and purpose of Roulette.

The purpose is to predict in which one of the 38 chambers the ball will land after the wheel was spun. The game starts by you placing your bet and RTG allows players to place inside bets from 0.25 up to 1000 while the outside bets are between 0,25 and 100. Click the chips you must determine the amount that you wish to bet and hit the spin button.

Your bet combinations are:

Singles where you pick a specific number where you think the ball will land
Pairs/quads is where you place a bet on two or four number sets
Odds/evens is where you try to distinguish what the next number will be
Black/red is where you pick a specific colour and decide beforehand that it is likely to land on either red or black
Ranges is where you predict the number range where the ball will land
The difference between European and American Roulette is double 0, with European Roulette having only one 0 and American Roulette two 00. The columns are headed by the 0 and 00 with up to 36 and you can place as many bets on as many spaces and colours as you like. You must decide on a situation, colour, combination of number or a specific number.

A player can choose to play in demo mode or free to practice American Roulette first before attempting to play for real money and most online casinos listed here like Thunderbolt Casino and Punt Casino and others that operate on RTG software offer American Roulette.

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